Woodford Roundabout needs to be reinstated

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We the residents of Clondalkin want the works on the Woodford roundabout to stop immediately and we want the two turn lanes reinstated.

We were not consulted, properly notified or adequately represented by our Councillors and we wish this decision to be reconsidered!

We are happy that a pedestrian crossing be installed and we have no difficulty with the new cycle lane BUT we want OUR road to OUR village back!

This change is already causing havoc with traffic and it will be far worse in September when the children return to school making it impossible for people to get to and from work.

We gathered today and witnessed several close calls and near accidents because the road is simply too narrow. It cannot be left like this!

Buses and trucks are mounting the roundabout as they simply cannot manoeuvre around it!

There is a new nursing home almost completed on the monastery road and apartments are being built with no regard for where all of this traffic will go. If anything we need an ADDITIONAL road out of Clondalkin.

We want to be consulted and we want our road reinstated immediately!

Signed, the residents of Clondalkin AND regular users of this road.