Stand Against Irresponsible Builders & Authorities Endangering Civic Life

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Thank you for reading. This is the story of a common man, our father, who worked tirelessly all his life to build a home and society which is safe, successful, sustainable and sound. The story of a safe home and family who have been grievously impacted by the irresponsible construction next door. 

Pratap Singh Tanwar was a common man, who settled in Delhi and spent many years of toil, lobbying and personal sacrifice to build not just his own home but a society and a community that meets the sustenance needs of everyone who resides in Vasant Kunj Enclave. He spent his days and nights fighting for common people by setting up a Residents Welfare Association for the locality and helping every family as his own. The same man became a victim of an irresponsible and illegal construction right next to his retirement home.

On November 16, 2020, our father had returned from days in the ICU, recuperating from COVID, he was sitting in his favorite spot in his garden when a wall from the adjoining building came down and crushed him to death. Not only did we lose our dear father, but our 10-year-old German Shepherd dog, who had protected us all our lives as a member of our family. She was by his side as always, when the incident occurred.

Our life changed in a split-second and we could not save the life of the one person who always believed in the general good of the people. After this incident, we believed that the authorities would be alarmed so as to avoid further loss of life in the future, and yet, we wait for a logical resolution and watch as the building remains accessible and vulnerable to further calamity.

Today, we stand united to fight like he would have for the safety of thousands of people living under a constant threat of these illegal and unsupervised buildings which are constructed in just a few weeks without following accurate legal and safety protocols. Even now, as we write this petition, the building that killed our father continues to stand, and remains a risk to our family and passers by. It is a matter of grave concern how these builders get permission to build such unsafe apartments with no supervision over the materials used or the quality of construction. You just don’t know how much danger you’re in, till a wall crashes into your home, but why wait for it to happen? 

The magnitude of danger hanging around anyone’s head at this moment is unseen and unimagined till it happens to someone of our own. We appeal to seek justice not just for our father but for this entire city which is witnessing increasingly unsupervised and fatally irresponsible construction with NO ONE TO NOTICE. An activity which is unstoppable because of the support these builders get from the concerned authorities.  Would you be able to live with a ticking time bomb standing next to your home?

Our late father, Pratap Singh Tanwar, lost his life because of the carelessness and selfish interest of individuals, groups and authorities. This city is full of such insidious groups, who have a single goal - to make money without caring about the fact that these multi-storied buildings can cause great harm, even death, to the people living in or around them.  The selfish interest of these builders is restricted to getting money from people, but not assuring safety where it is absolutely warranted- in our homes where we rest. 

Here’s where your support can help:

  1. Sign this petition to stand against any and all grievous and life threatening construction practices by builders (with authorities complicit) of such illegal structures. You will help us in awakening the authorities responsible, towards their own ignorance and selfish behavior as well as the grave danger they are putting us all in on a daily basis. A danger we don’t even see coming. 
  2. As a responsible and alert citizen, we urge you to be vigilant of the construction around your home, become aware of the dangers that come with living around unsupervised and unsafe constructions. Your support will hopefully allow us to topple the power structures that foster such ignorance, irresponsibility, corruption and endangerment of civil life. With your help we may get one step closer to finding resolution to the looming danger near our homes and our backyards.

Wherever you are, we hope you’re safe and vigilant!