Petition Against Concealed Carry Weapons on South Carolina College Campuses

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Currently, college campuses in SC are gun-free zones due to an existing law that prohibits possession of firearms on post-secondary campuses. An amendment to this bill was introduced in the SC State House by Representative Pitts in February 2018 proposing to allow concealed carry permit holders to legally have guns on college campuses in SC (H4956). Research shows that allowing guns on campus would not prevent mass shootings, but instead would "make common acts of aggression or recklessness more deadly" and decrease the safety of students, faculty and staff.* Please sign our petition to stop this amendment from passing and keep our campuses gun-free, safe places of learning. 

*Wilks, A. G. (2017, February 27). Should SC allow more guns on college campuses? Retrieved March 21, 2018, from