Stop the Chop in Sullivan's Island Maritime Forest

Stop the Chop in Sullivan's Island Maritime Forest

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Elizabeth Von Kolnitz, Chief DHEC-OCRM South Carolina DHEC

Why this petition matters

Unique among barrier islands, Sullivan’s Island, located outside Charleston, SC, is accreting land instead of eroding, and supports a 190-acre “successional Maritime Forest” of dune grasses, flowers, shrubs, wetlands, and a robust maritime forest.

This incredible gift from Mother Nature is home to nesting sea turtles, butterflies, birds, and the Sullivan’s Island Bird Banding Station. The diversity of trees, shrubs and wetlands is essential for birds, insects and other species to thrive. Each year, thousands of birds and Monarch butterflies stopover to rest and re-nourish as they make their round-trip journey between their northern homes and the tropics.

The vegetation provides critical protection from the #1 threat to the island: hurricane storm surge, and is a source of incomparable resilience in the face of climate change.

In 1991, just after Hurricane Hugo, the Town put this land into a trust, owned by all Sullivan’s Islanders, to preserve in its natural state for the benefit and enjoyment of this and future generations of islanders and South Carolinians.

In September 2020, Town Council voted to settle a lawsuit by beachfront homeowners wanting to cut down trees and shrubs to gain ocean views. This will destroy this ecosystem by removing thousands of trees and shrubs, and remove the island’s hurricane storm surge protection.

We are committed to preserving our island for the benefit of all to enjoy, for our wildlife partners, and our public safety. Please join us by helping to “STOP THE CHOP”!


photo credit: Station 28.5 Photography

32,603 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!