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Criminal charges for 4 Animal Shelter employees accused of shooting 22 dogs

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In South Carolina 4 animal shelter employees shot 22 dogs and dumped them in a landfill. They were then given 5 months PAID leave and finally fired...but that's it. The Attorney General has not brought charges against these scumbags. They could get off scott free! Please help by signing and sharing!  

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Staff took several dogs to the dump across the street from the shelter, shot them all, and buried them.

The volunteer verified the inmate’s story when she went to the dump and dug up two dogs with gunshot wounds to their heads. Eventually, investigators dug up the bodies of 22 dogs that had been shot and buried in the dump.

But the heartless and cruel killing of these dogs was only the top layer of scum on the cesspool of incompetence and corruption discovered at the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. For example:

Sheriff Sam Parker, who’s office oversees the shelter, said the dogs were shot due to a lack of funding. Later discoveries would prove this statement was false.

Shelter Director Brian Burch pled guilty to manufacturing, distributing or possessing LSD and cocaine and was sentenced to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine before he worked at the shelter.

An inmate who started working at the shelter in January of this year said he witnessed shelter staff kill 40 dogs and 15 cats. Here’s his statement: “The dog was still sitting up on its haunches. And it was bleeding everywhere. They done shot him in the head a few times. And the dog was still alive. And his was in misery. I mean, you could tell he was suffering. And the cats? If they couldn’t catch them they would use a pipe to hit them in head and knock them out.”

Shelter staff spent less than 10% of its $162k budget on animal care. 91% of money went to salaries and benefits for 4 staff. Sheriff Parker never explained why a tiny shelter like needed so many staff. And four brand new trucks.

Sheriff Parker admitted the shelter wasn’t run “by the book.”

Records showed that lethal injection drugs that were supposed to be used to euthanize animals were missing. Drug dealers make lots of money selling these drugs to people who take them to get high (don’t forget the Shelter Director pled guilty to dealing drugs a few years ago).

An undercover volunteer alleged that shelter staff ran a dog fighting ring from the shelter and took dogs from the shelter either to fight or use as bait dogs.

Sheriff Parker put the 4 shelter staff on paid administrative leave while various state agencies, including the office of SC Attorney General Alan Wilson, took 5 months to complete the investigation into the animal shootings and the other alleged criminal activities.

Finally, last Monday, we found out that after giving shelter staff what amounted to a 5 month paid vacation, Sheriff Parker fired the shelter staff because “the shelter needed a fresh start.”

Not because they shot dogs, not because they hit cats over the head with pipes, not because they ran a dog fighting ring, not because Class III narcotics were missing, but because the shelter needed a fresh start.

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These types of crimes too often go unpunished. We have got to stop letting people get away with cruelty and violence against animals, or it will only continue to get worse.

"The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” Einstein


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