Mandatory desexing of unregistered cats and dogs in South Burnett

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It goes without saying that Australia wide we are faced with a massive over breeding problem and with so many homeless animals it's hard to see an end or even a solution to this ongoing problem.
Australia has 200+ registered charity animal rescues and in nearly every region of the country there is an RSPCA and/or council run animal management facility, even with all of this in place we all struggle to meet the demands of animals needing placement every single day.

In the South Burnett region of QLD particularly we are seeing a massive number of homeless pets and this is caused by one thing only, the irresponsible over breeding of unregistered dogs and cats.
With RSPCA currently having 31 felines and seven dogs that are adoption ready and
private, registered rescues having 32+ felines and nine dogs (that we know of) who are adoption ready.
For the RSPCA and rescues this does not include animals currently not adoption ready for reasons such as;
Recieving vet care
Currently undergoing retraining or
Recieving physical rehabilitation.
Gumtree also has 825 felines and 942 dogs seeking homes in the South Burnett Region only a small majority of which are pedigree registered.

Thoughtless breeding not only causes a huge over population problem in the area but also creates genetic health problems within our domestic pets due to the mindlessness of their breeding.
It is said that for every dog in Australia to have a home that each individual family would have to house upwards of seven dogs. Is this possible? Simple answer is, NO!

There is one solution to combat this problem and it is to introduce mandatory desexing of ALL cats and dogs that do not obtain pedigree papers.
Over time, if policed adequately, this will dramatically reduce the number of pets in rescues, RSPCAs and shelters.
Thankyou for taking the time to read.
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