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Vote "NO!" and stop the Aussie Seal Cull

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Adrian Pederick, a liberal South Australian MP, has launched a Bill to Parliament calling for the slaughter of New Zealand (long-nosed) fur seals.

Quoting Adrian Pederick  "They're like the rats of the sea, and they just tear the fish in half and off they go, I believe there should be a sustainable harvest."

As an organization, we contacted Mr. Peredick on June 22nd asking him to provide scientific proof that seals are responsible for a decline in fishing stocks. He has failed to respond. 

Mr Pederick has been quoted in the media as saying an export industry for seal meat was possible. He ignores the dangerously high levels of mercury content found in seal meat and that it is not suitable for human consumption.

Pederick also ignores the fact that the Chinese have rejected deals from Canada to purchase seal meat. 

Adrian Pederick disregards international condemnation of seal hunts and that 27 nations of the EU have BANNED produce derived from the industry; as has Mexico, the USA, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. This due to the cruelty involved in such hunts. 

Pederick has paid no heed to the huge value these animals provide in terms of tourism and it appears he is being motivated by his selfish desire to secure votes from a destructive and unsustainable commercial fishing industry.

Pederick does state his intended slaughter needs to be "humane" but has failed to do his research. This becomes apparent due to his following comment.

"I believe it would have to be a specified calibre of high-calibre rifle."

A report, commissioned by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was requested by the European Commission, in 2007, to issue a scientific opinion regarding welfare aspects of seal hunting and to assess the most appropriate killing methods, to reduce unnecessary suffering.

The report, authored by scientists Steve Kirkman (Phd) and Dr. David Lavigne, concluded that it is unlikely  that a humane slaughter can ever be implemented successfully in large-scale seal hunting operations; no matter which methods are used.

We have only very short time in which to raise out global outcry. Please sign, share and tweet. Australia does not want to be classed as a bunch of backward savages.

You can e-mail Adrian Pederick directly

Thank you for your support. 

The Seals Of Nam

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