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Ban all animal circuses in SA

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Exotic animals in circuses are routinely subjected to months on the road confined in small, barren cages. These animals are forced to live in enclosures denying them every opportunity to express their natural behaviour and their training is often based on fear and punishment as revealed by numerous undercover investigations. As circuses play no meaningful role in education or conservation, the lifelong suffering of these animals continues only for the sake of a few minutes of entertainment.

Circuses defend the use of exotic animals by claiming the animals are loved and well cared for. But, adding to an overwhelming body of evidence, the 2009 scientific review 'Are wild animals suited to a travelling circus life?' by the University of Bristol in the UK confirms that it is impossible to satisfy the behavioural and welfare needs of exotic animals in travelling circuses. The scientists conclude that "the species of non-domesticated animals commonly kept in circuses appear the least suited to a circus life."

Living conditions in circuses cause severe stress and frustration to non-domesticated animals, leading to abnormal behaviour such as pacing by big cats and domesticated dogs, head bobbing by elephants or mouthing cage bars. These behaviours are scientifically acknowledged as indicators of an impaired welfare due to the inability to cope with unsuitable living conditions.

Please sign and share this petition and let the South Australian government know we want a state wide ban on circuses such as Lennon Brothers Circus, Stardust Circus, Silvers Circus and Ashton family circuses, who all contain animals.

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