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This petition has been started to get justice for Chase, a furbaby who was recently shot in the eye with a pellet gun by a neighbor in Durban South Africa

Chase had been barking over his neighbours wall and this vile sorry excuse for a human being decided to shoot Chase in the eye to silence him. 

Chase has lost his eye due to this and the SAPS are not willing to charge the perpetrator or take any sound action. Over and above the pain Chase has suffered along with the emotional turmoil both he and his owners have to endure, there are vet bills to pay as well, which the perpetrator should be responsible for.

For far too long people in South Africa have gotten away with animal abuse because there are NO LAWS in place to deal with the perpetrators. A person can shoot an animal and walk away without worry of any action being taken by the law.

We are petitioning for that to change. We are petitioning for stricter laws and prosecution of animal abusers.

We are petitioning for the man who hurt Chase to receive the full might of the law


Please sign this petition and stand with us to make a change and help be a voice to thousands of voiceless animals. Together we can bring a change and demand stricter laws and prosecution for the abuse, neglect and harm to animals