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Justice For Jermaine Davids started this petition to South African Police Service and

We are petitioning the National Prosecuting Authority and the Office of the Chief Justice to intervene NOW in the criminal matter SS12/2019 to release Jermaine Davids IMMEDIATELY! 

Jermaine has been in custody for LONG enough. 

Jermaine Davids is INNOCENT! 

Jermaine Davids was charged with the murder of Heather Peterson on the 15 October 2018. The first witness Iris Adams  gave a statement on the 28 September 2018, that stated that one of the suspects was"Raymond Ray Marcus." Although, the description given by the witness did not fit the identification of Jermaine Davids, he was still held at the Sophiatown Police Station for two weeks to undergo an Identification Parade. The investigating officer Vincent Saunders wanted to proceed with the ID parade despite Jermaine's name, age and image being released to the public by the media upon his arrest. 

Iris Adams, the sister in law of Levert May, had stated that she had grown up in Jermaine's grandmother's house. However, in her statement she gave an identity of "Raymond Ray Marcus". When asked whether she knew Jermaine's parents she stated she did not know who they were. It was clear that she did not know any personal information about Jermaine, and her sole purpose was to falsely implicate Jermaine in this matter in order to protect Levert. 

Iris stated during cross examination  that she had video footage when it was put to her that her evidence was questionable. The Prosecutor, Zarina Peck, stated that she had seen the video footage as well. The trial was postponed for an unreasonably long period to obtain the video footage evidence. The Prosecutor later withdrew her statement and stated that her evidence in that regard was "hearsay" and should not be regarded. Eventually Iris' phone although damaged was sent to a forensic expert to recover the video. However, no video footage could be found on the phone. 

The two accused Levert May and Shaeez Moolgie, Varado gang members, now turned State Witnesses, were reportedly released due to negative gunshot residue tests. However, the presiding judge at the time asked "How could they be released?" Their release came after a sudden change of prosecutors in the matter, when there had not been docket closure at that point. Not surprisingly, the docket later went missing and could not be found. 

Once the trial had begun, Shaeez admitted twice in his testimony that his gunshot residue tests results came back positive. The two state witnesses signed warning statements and only made their statements 3 months later upon their release. 

Shaeez and Levert were implicated as suspects by Jermaine Davids in the murder of Marvin Constance. However, they have never been arrested for the murder, only a Richard Noortjie had been arrested. Shaeez Moolgie admitted under cross-examination that he had seen the dead body of Marvin Constance in the street beause people had called him to look at the scene. However, when it was put to Shaeez that Marvin was picked up immediately and rushed to Helen Joseph Hospital and only then pronounced dead and thus was not laying dead on the floor, he could not answer. Jermaine Davids told the prosecutor when called to testify against Richard Noortjie, that he was not the only suspect and that there were two other suspects who needed to be arrested. The matter was postponed for further investigation on the new developments and the further arrests of the other suspects. However, Jermaine Davids was never called again to testify and later the case was subsequently withdrawn due to an "unco-operative" witness. 

The first police officer on the  crime scene was Warrant Officer Wyand Steyn. A police official previously charged with tampering with evidence and now currently charged with murder and attempted murder with the Varado gang leader Leroy "Finch" Brown. The Prosecutor Zarina Peck, refused to call Steyn to testify. Despite, several of the witnesses placing him in different places at the same time.

Percy Harris, self-proclaimed "varado gang member like forever", a witness called upon by the State, admitted under cross-examination that he had picked up spent cartridges on the scene of the crime. He had put the cartridges in a potato chips packet and had given it to an unknown police man. Although his statement was dated 31 October 2018, he admitted that he had made his statement months after the incident together with Levert. Although Levert's statement was conveniently not dated, he had stated he made his statement together with Shaeez on the 29 November 2018 when he had been released. This explicitly shows the falsification of evidence in an attempt to falsely implicate Jermaine Davids. 

Judge Rean Strydom, whom the judicial commission declined to appoint on three occasions was the presiding judge hearing this criminal matter. 

Jermaine's representatives have since lodged official complaints against Judge Rean Strydom and against the Prosecutor Zarina Peck as well as the Investigating Officer Vincent Saunders. 

Jermaine was deprived of a fair trial when the prosecutor Zarina Peck and  Investigating Officer Vincent Saunders withheld exculpatory evidence, including results from the forsensic expert who examined Jermaine's phone, the orginal statements of  Shaeez and Levert who could not identify Jermaine, and the failure to call crucial witnesses like Steyn to testify. 

All of the evidence PROVE that Jermaine did NOT commit the crimes. In Fact there is ZERO forensic or physical evidence connecting him to ANY of his charges; only the mutually destructive and inconsistent testimonies of VARADO GANG MEMBERS AND THEIR INFORMANTS. 

Justice was NOT served, and we, the public, will not stand by and watch another INNOCENT MAN being WRONGFULLY CONVICTED. 

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"JUSTICE for Jermaine Davids !"

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We thank you in advance. 







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