Justice for Collins Khosa

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"COLLINS KHOSA// as many of us know and are extremely vocal about the painful death of George Floyd, I can’t help but disassociate it from the murder of Collins Khosa by the SANDF, an Alex resident. It is said that he had beer poured over his head, was choked, kicked and hit with a machine gun. However the SANDF probe contradicts this, saying he was only "pushed and clapped" and that his head injuries were minimal and falsely reported, leading to the claim that the actions taken by SANDF are unrelated to the 'blunt forced head injury" that was said to be the cause of his death. 

For many of us who live in areas where the SANDF are not a feature, it is very easy to pretend these issues of brutality do not exist: to look away; to scroll past the article; to never hear about these deaths. Collins Khosa is one of many victims who suffered at the hands of law enforcement this lockdown period, excluding those who were criminals. 

This needs to be a bigger issue, a more talked about issue and called out as one of the biggest failures of the lockdown system. Spread the word. Talk about it. Hold the media and the government accountable. 

This is our country. This is our defence force and they are killing our citizens. May Collins Khosa rest in peace. " - via instagram @santheaaa