We want the Human rights commission to lay charges of racism against Russell Kruger.

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Following President  Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement to give social relief Grant's to the poor and vulnerable who are mostly made up of black people. Russel Kruger, a businessmen man in East London, Eastern Cape posted a picture of his underage child painted in a black paint and captioned the picture "Using my kids to get business grant's, hope we come right" 

South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world, the inequalities are between black and whites. The country is further riddled with racism carried forward by unapologetic racist who find pleasure in using the pain of black people as a joke.

Since 1994 we have lived under a constitutional democratic state and our constitution states clearly that everyone has a right to dignity, what Russell Kruger did was violate that Constitutional right. Black people have a right to be treated in a human and dignified manner. 

The nation is faced with difficulties during this COVID-19 pandemic and people like Russell Kruger have decided to make a mockery of the Social relief measures put in place to accommodate the underprevilledged.