Stop Chinese Trawling on South Africa’s Coastline

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South Africa’s coastline has been opened to Chinese trawlers. They are pillaging our oceans ecosystem and leaving the carnage to lie on our beaches. 

They are fishing out our sharks, prawns, fish and every single portion goes to out of our countries pocket. Reports are flying in of boats bringing in at least 60 tons each. This is having a major impact on our local fisherman but more so the nature state of our thriving coastal environments. 

As per The Ocean Planet “A massive fleet of Chinese trawlers is plundering the already troubled waters of South Africa. Allegedly the transponder beacons go off at night and trawlers come into protected waters and then exit before light! Harvesting ships are near to process the fish and shark fins. On the weekend we also found dozens of sharks left on beach by local fisherman, all with their heads and fins cut off on Standfontein Beach...”

This is no easy battle, one that almost feels impossible to win but I can’t sit around doing nothing about it. Stand with me as we use our voices to end this, once and for all!