Provide economic support to vulnerable NPO sector, negatively impacted during COVID19.

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Over the last few weeks, the South African economy has experienced unprecedented pressure due to COVID19 and the resultant impact of this healthcare pandemic. 

South African Government and Business sector has been quick to respond to the needs of Citizens and SME's, placing various economic relief structures in place to assist.

However, the NPO sector, which is the very heartbeat of our country, has been left out of the economic support offered. Economic Tax relief and interventions are currently not applicable to this sector, or where applicable, have very little impact, leaving us with few options to continue providing the necessary social support to vulnerable communities during this time. 

We hereby urgently request dedicated funding be set aside, and that further incentive programmes, to encourage Corporate South Africa in providing economic support to our sector, be put in place, In doing so, Government will ensure sustainability of NPOs,  and that collectively, we can continue to provide the essence of Ubuntu to our fellow citizens.