The South African government should be focused on hunger relief here and not in Cuba

The South African government should be focused on hunger relief here and not in Cuba

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Started by Coalition of NPO's

A Coalition of Organisations involved in the daily fight against the growing hunger problem in South Africa has issued a statement demanding that government halts the donation of R50 million to Cuba and instead directs the funds towards an immediate, independent investigation into the root causes of, and solutions to, hunger in South Africa.

The Coalition consists of National and Regional Hunger Relief, Humanitarian, Disaster Response, Food Rescue and Feeding Scheme NGOs.

On February 2nd 2022, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Alvin Botes announced the donation to Cuba, saying that it was necessary, as US sanctions continue to pose a food security threat to the communist island. South Africa has a close relationship with Cuba due to the role it played in assisting liberation movements across the island.

Despite the enormous effort and resources the Coalition of organisations collectively put into the daily battle against hunger, the ravages continue unabated. Each one of the organisations report exponentially increased need. All convey stories of desperation, impassioned pleas from a growing number of people desperately reaching out on their social media platforms, websites, and in person with stories of starving children, and sick and elderly without the means to feed themselves or their families.

The Coalition believes that, against this backdrop, the donation of R50 million to a foreign country on the basis of international relations is a gross misallocation of funds, at best. These organisations have united to call upon government not just to halt the donation to Cuba, but more importantly to meet with them to discuss ways in which to collaboratively address the dire and growing problem, and to take collaborative action to end hunger in our own country.

The coalition is of the firm and educated opinion that an end to hunger is possible – but only through the collaboration of government and non-government organisations uniting efforts, expertise and resources.

18,300 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!