#dropitandwait SA Doctor’s profession & patient care under threat.

#dropitandwait SA Doctor’s profession & patient care under threat.

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South African doctors and their governing bodies response to the arrest and premature criminal charges laid against two doctors. 

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) says it notes the warrants of arrest issued for two doctors accused of negligence earlier this week. It says it sympathises with the families, and hopes for a speedy resolution to the case to provide closure for all those involved.

“A proper investigation must be conducted to assess all the factors that may have played a role in the outcomes in the cases in which the doctors are accused of negligence. It is also necessary that these factors are addressed at a systems level to ensure they are not repeated in future,” says Dr Angelique Coetzee, chairperson of SAMA.

Dr Coetzee says the case should not be litigated in the media and become a political football, and that the families of those who have suffered should be respected, while the proper investigations are underway by the relevant authorities such as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

“The inclusion of medical professionals in the investigations is critical as these professionals understand the nuances of what might have gone wrong and that any investigations should be fair and transparent,” Dr Coetzee notes.

She says the accused doctors have rights and are innocent until proven guilty.

“Medicine is inherently risky, and severe consequences are unfortunately not uncommon – even when there are no mistakes involved. Until an investigation is concluded there are not yet enough facts to make any medical conclusions,” Dr Coetzee concludes.

The Hpcsa warn.....

“If the legal approach used in the case of Professor Beale and Dr Munshi is perpetuated, the board is concerned that medical doctors will in future allow patients to die naturally without their intervention for fear of being criminally prosecuted,” it said in a statement on Thursday.”

The Medical and Dental Professions Board, under the ambit of the HPCSA, said it believed deaths as a result of “care by a healthcare professional” should not go through criminal proceedings before proceedings in terms of the Inquest Act are concluded.”

“Therefore, the death of a person as a result of undergoing a procedure of therapeutic, diagnostic or palliative nature should be dealt with differently from other unnatural deaths.”

“NPA spokesperson Bulelwa Makeke says......

As for arresting the doctors before the inquest was finished, Makeke says: "Even though there are still investigations to be conducted, from the evidence already in the docket there appears to be a prima facie case against both the accused."

And, she adds, nothing prevents the NPA from using a warrant to ensure someone accused of a crime goes to court.”

The HPCSA said it respected the rights of individuals to lay criminal charges against healthcare professionals but called for caution by the authorities.

“The board calls upon the legal authorities to exercise due diligence in terms of the laws of the country in dealing with death of persons undergoing a procedure of therapeutic, diagnostic or palliative nature,” it added.”

Other medical bodies have also backed the two, saying the situation was more complex than it looked.

Our governing bodies have spoken:
SA Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF)
SA Society of Anaesthesiologists (Sasa)
Sa Gastroenterology society  (Sages)
The Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of SA

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Sign the petition do not let politics, anger and emotions collapse the South Africa healthcare system

Allow due process to follow..... 
Drop the criminal case and the premature threats of arrest for medical professionals, allow the medico-legal investigation to take place.

Make an informed decision after all the facts and evidence has been reviewed by both Medical and Legal experts.  

Stop this unprovoked and unprecedented attack on the medical profession.......it will only cause harm.

The doctors and their legal team are cooperating, was there a need for handcuffs, jail and police vans?







0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!