Free the Children - Save the Nation

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“Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society.” Nelson Mandela.

Our children need voices to speak for them. They are the future custodians of South Africa and their education must be world-class. As a nation we must accept that school children in good health are virtually immune to Covid-19, are not transmitters, and should be free to pursue their education unhindered and in a stress-free environment.

We must choose life over fear and trust our citizens to take the precautions they deem necessary for their own safety, the safety of their children, and the safety of those around them.

We must all work towards ending the lockdown and restoring the economy before more adults and children die as a result of additional deprivations like malnutrition, starvation, lack of medical care for other sicknesses and related conditions.

We, the undersigned, hereby call upon you, the President of South Africa, the Honourable Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, to join hands with us to ensure that our children are served as provided for in Section 28 of the Bill of Rights.

“It is our moral obligation to give every child the best education possible.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu.