#KeepGiyaniLand_of_Blood at SABC 2(Against its removal from Telenovela)

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Would like to take a stand against the removal of the first Xitsonga drama at SABC 2 after it has only been on for some few weeks. The drama has stolen a heart of multitudes of South African's whereby it even teach other tribes the ways of the Tsonga,  Venda, Mapedi and Balobedu speaking people culture and their daily challenges. It has find a way to teach us to unite and acknowledge our differences as tribes. It is said that it is going to be replaced with a Pedi telenovela However,  what we stand for is rather they keep them both on different time slots as we are all about embracing the languages of each tribe. By removing this Tsonga drama with a Pedi drama it will cause some controvesy. In which we believe introducing a Sepedi is good however, SABC has hosted alot of Sepedi dramas for years and this is the only time where Xitsonga drama has been visualised. 

We therefore plead for your support that we reach at least 500 000 support for this petition to convince the SABC to extent in which Giyani Land of Blood had its audience. According to the SABC rating in just few weeks of Giyani Land of Blood that it has been on air it has been watched by 1million individuals across South Africa,  which from these audience it consist of varies individuals from all the South African languages spoken which indicates how much the drama has grab the attention of it's audience. 

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