Souderton Borough should create an ordinance that limits the use of consumer fireworks.

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As pretty as the sparkling sky is above Souderton, animals are terrorized, people are injured, property and belongings are damaged, sleep is lost , and our American heroes suffering from PTSD have a very difficult time.

Even worse, fireworks do not simply terrify animals; the use of fireworks kills them. Every year, without fail, intentionally or unwittingly, for each whiz, pop, and bang, felines cower and hide while canines cringe and whimper. In both instances, the beloved family pet will then very likely run outside onto the roads to escape the thundering sounds above. Their terror blinds them, therefore they don’t notice the oncoming vehicle that kills them. This is only one annual example as there are documented cases of animals having to be put down every year as a consequence of fireworks.

The bright lights and booming sounds of fireworks can be tough for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the National Center for PTSD, about 30 percent of Vietnam Veterans have suffered from PTSD in their lifetime. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs website, the number of Veterans with PTSD differs with service area. In a given year, 12 percent of Gulf War Veterans will suffer from PTSD and 11 to 20 percent of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Veterans will have PTSD. The loud noises and bright lights of fireworks can trigger some bad memories for military veterans.

Fireworks are explosives and the risks associated with the private use of fireworks outweigh their benefits. We are calling upon Souderton Borough Council to create sensible ordinances for our community to follow so that we can all live and prosper as one in this great community. Sensible laws would include, but not limited to, consumer fireworks being allowed on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day only. Souderton borough approved displays of pyrotechnics would be limited by permit and public notice with an application and approval process for any public display outside of the aforementioned holidays. 

We call on you to do the right thing and limit consumer fireworks within Souderton borough, protecting our veterans, family members, pets, property, and human life, and to enhance the quality of living within Souderton Borough. 

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