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The #SOSNS Campaign is a campaign for change in the mental health sector of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is tired of the insufficient amount of help and support for those who suffer from mental illnesses - especially in times of emergencies when one is suffering from suicidal ideation and has nowhere to go without being told "it's not serious enough" or "call back tomorrow". We have started the #SOSNS Campaign For Change in hopes to get the legislations attention by standing together and having our voices heard.

Far too many lives have already suffered the cost of insufficient mental health resources and lack of mental health emergency crises response teams.

We want the government of Nova Scotia to start taking mental illness more seriously and treat it with the same respect as a physical illness or injury. Focusing more attention on the allocation of funds to the Mental Health, Children’s, Services, and Addiction Treatment branches so those in need of help and support in times of mental health emergencies/crises can get it. This may include an in-depth revision of how allocated funds are being used, and getting feedback from the public of where the systems that are already in place need improvement or change - because what is currently in place is clearly not meeting the growing needs of the public.

As stated on the official website of Nova Scotia,

"The province is committed to improving mental health care for Nova Scotians. Health and Wellness is working with partners across health care, communities and government to improve mental health services." This work is done through the department’s Mental Health, Children’s, Services, and Addiction Treatment branch."

If this is Nova Scotia's mission statement, why are we not seeing more improvements within these sectors? Where is funding ACTUALLY being allocated? Is there room for improvement? Indefinitely. 

Wait times for an appointment are anywhere from a few months to a year just to have the first visit with an intake team. This shows that there are not enough accessible mental health facilities or available professionals within the province, and the increasing number of suicide rates in Nova Scotia are an indication that there are insufficient Emergency Mental Health Response Teams and Mental Health Emergency Crisis Lines for Nova Scotians. 

According to an October 2016 CBC news article, statistics show that Nova Scotia suicides and suicide attempts are up by 74%.

How many more lives will it take before a change is made? How loudly must we plea for our voices to be heard?

#SOSNS is a Mental Health Awareness Campaign with three (3) main focuses  - Community Support, Creative Solutions, and Provincial Funding.

Our mission is to create more transparency on where/how government funding for mental health is being spent, implementing creative solutions to increase the care people are receiving for mental health throughout Nova Scotia, and creating a community of support for those affected by mental illness. Currently, we have a petition with over 1,600 signatures that will be taken to the next legislative meeting by John Lohr - MLA Kings North, a YouTube channel with the hopes that we can extend the community-based support further than just borders of Nova Scotia, and will be hosting a series of open mics/poetry slams throughout the province - giving the floor to the public to share experiences and creative solutions on the topic of mental health.

Short-Term Goals

> Register #SOSNS as a non-profit organization
> Continue to grow the #SOSNS community
> Build our YouTube Channel so that people around the globe can find comfort in relating to other people who are also struggling/recovering/recovered from mental illness
> Create more support systems for those suffering from mental illness by implementing creative solutions throughout Nova Scotia and its Healthcare system
> Host more Open Mics/Poetry Slams - giving the floor to the public to share their stories/ creative solutions in a safe and healing environment 

Long-Term Goals

> To open alternative healing center(s) that work alongside the Nova Scotia Emergency Rooms
> To gain more transparency on where/how funds are being spent in the Mental Health Sector of Nova Scotia
> To have more provincial funding be allocated to the Mental Health Care System of Nova Scotia
> To see a significant decrease in suicides/ suicide attempts
> To gain a national following and inspire others to search for creative solutions to their ongoing provincial struggles with Mental Health

Sign our petition and share your story & creative solutions to the ongoing struggles of Mental Health!
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