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SOS from Borneo: Say No 2 Coal!

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This issue is still urgent as the government of Malaysia has not given a final decision to reject the building of a coal-fired power plant in Sabah, Malyasian Borneo. The location is at the edge of the "Coral Triangle". These waters are the home for 75 percent of all known coral species, more than half of the world’s reefs, 40 percent of the world's coral reef fish species, and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle. The possible irreversible damage that a coal-fired power plant could have on this marine zone is unfathomable! Not to mention the coal-fired plant will also be adjacent to Tabin Wildlife Reserve, the habitat of 40 remaining Bornean rhinos. So we are at a critical time...enough time to change the course of events, but no time to waste. Global attention at this time is urgently needed. We feel strongly, that the Prime Minister will be affected by and will respond to a global petition urging him to reconsider this decision. He has the opportunity to be a hero in the region by deciding against coal and for alternative energy.

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