Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Season 2 with AshDeep

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September 12 update: Ashish Gowalkar has been quoted in papers throughout India citing that our campaign pushed the makers and channel to plan Season 2. However, amidst massive twitter trending and requests Sony has still not cleared whether the much loved pairing of Ashi Singh and Randeep Rai will be retained in the upcoming season. They are continuing to fight to see their beloved pair be retained as leads in season 2.

July 29 update: Sumeet sir, made a statement (link) on Shashi-Sumeet Production's facebook page, thanking all the fans for the unconditional support for Yeh Un Dinon, Samaina ki jodi, and the entire journey of the show till now, and how this pushes them to create more magic in future - which takes us to the biggest piece of info, he said was, "Picture abhi baaki hai doston!!" - same as Sony's caption with Season 2 teaser - we are assuming the story of Samaina will be continued in Season 2 by this. No. 1 reason was story left, and why we fans voiced in such huge numbers. For all the lil details of how-when-where-why of Season 2, fans will patiently wait for episodes/promos/teasers to unfold it, as days pass by! Here's hoping its same story continued.

July 27 short update: Amidst the buzz of possible Season 2, based on social media posts of Sony TV. The #SaveYUDKBH campaign continues. There is no official press release/announcement made by SSP or Sony, on what to expect. We still continue to voice our love for original story with original cast. We dont want original story compromised. If Season 2 is coming, please continue the story!

On July 13/14, fans of ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ from Sony TV learned that SonyTV has decided to end the show. Since then, fans have gathered together to save their beloved show. The reason to put an end to the show is still officially unknown, but, for many viewers, it is not just a show, but an emotion.

The fans’ efforts are huge & we have a website - which focuses on bringing it out to light. They fans are pitching in not only just by signing petition but have been trending everyday for 2 weeks now, requesting extension from Sony. On other social networking platforms, fans are commenting, tagging, creating posts & videos, asking Sony to save the show & give extension. The request count has grown to be more than ONE MILLION now. We march on to save our show.

Story left for extension:

We all are aware that the story of the show is based on the life of the show’s producers, Shashi-Sumeet Mittal. Given their life journey. Samaina, have only just stepped into the world of writing & their entire journey to setting up Production house remains to be seen in its entirety. Also not to deny the fact that, fans have wished to see parenthood track of Samaina. The writers of the show, have already opened loop for pregnancy & we would wanna see that journey. Samaina come from incomplete families & the importance of this has always been high, for the fans from start! Clearly, there's a lot of content to be shown and explored in the lives of Samaina.


In today’s era, amongst the fight it supernatural, mythological and highly dramatic shows, Shashi-Sumeet Productions - the producers of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai - brought a breeze of freshness in the young generation. Most of the young female viewers, dream to get a life partner as handsome and practically intelligent as Sameer Maheshwari, and male viewers wish to get a life partner as innocent and beautiful as Naina Sameer Maheshwari. But every school and university viewer, wishes for a love story like theirs. And every 90s teen, relive their good ol' days and even their own love story, through theirs. Not only that, the show portrays a pure form of friendship, which is cherished by all age groups throughout.

A love story which is based on learning and understanding your partner, cherishing the smallest moments which are nowadays neglected - such as handholds - and sharing some of the most beautiful moments with their partner.

The show continues to offer the same excitement as its first day & this fight is to make sure this show gets time to complete it deserved run as its story is still left to be shown, for which there is still a lot of time! Kindly pitch in your help in this task.


Opening month TRP average. 1.0

School track TRP average. 0.7

College track TRP average. 0.7

Shaadi track onwards. 1.1

During IPL/WC season average. 0.6

Post cricket season. Jumped in consecutive weeks from 0.5 (WC finals week) to 0.7 (Week 29 data). 

The TRP rise in the latest set of episodes post cricket season shows how YUDKBH enjoys a loyal fanbase, who came right back to watch on TV. The rise in TRP is on show’s merit itself as lately there have been no promos aired on TV. Once again, goes to show how popular the show is, but its loyalty. 

Online viewership/TRP:

YUDKBH has enjoyed online TRPs the whole while. We have always been on top. Right up there with Star Plus’s shows. It’s always either Top 5 of Top 10. Latest weeks, we have been in Top 4. This is the only Sony show in fiction series which manages to be on top online ratings continuously. A loyal fanbase, yet again.