Save Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is a masterpiece in ITV. An iconic show that has taught the millenial generation about the importance of pure innocent love. Character oriented, we have lived their journey and grown with them. Learned from their mistakes and seen ourselves in their maturity. A show that has now become our lifeline, its the reason for the upliftment of many suffering from mental health conditions. In an era where families are breaking at the drop of a hat and regressive content is highlighted in other shows, this show has become a solace. Taking it away will cause significant mental duress to its fans. YUDKBH deserves an extension. YUDKBH is a show that is dear to all our hearts... Hats off to Sony and SSP to come up with such an unique concept and a show that has its base completely from reality. The realistic touch that is ususally missing from daily soaps these days was a huge plus point for yudkbh and it also helped people from various age groups and gender connect with the show.... This show deserves a huge appreciation for its content and clarity in delivering the idea or the concept of true love of the 90s era to its viewers. Along with that, it also deserves to continue its story with the same pace and magic, till a proper and well thought out ending is attained.... Ending such a show without giving proper closure would not do justice to the popularity the show has gained and to the popularity and praises the CHANNEL has got all because of this show...This show acted as a beautiful trend setter and made everyone admire the content which was so unique yet so familiar to each individual... We are not saying that the show should go on and on forever... what we want is the story to continue the way it was previously planned.. And regarding the trp.. Sorry to say but Sony hasn't gathered high trp compared to other channels... I agree trp plays a very important role but sony is the only channel that actually give good content and stands out from all the other saas bahu or extra elongated melodramas.... and the show attained a trp of 0.5 only during ICC World Cup... The last 10 overs of the match exactly clashes with the time of yudkbh... and India having cricket fever lead to reduction in trp... But lets not forget that yudkbh had gained more than 1 trp many times... It had an opening trp of around 1.5 which is a great number compared to all the shows on Sony. And it is always seen in top 10 list of online rating... (Its the only fiction show of sony to be in top 10) 

 Its not fair for a show like yudkbh to have an abrupt and rushed ending... The Channel has to do justice for the popularity of the show... Removing such a show would mean that the quality of the show is lower than the saas bahu and all the other melodrama. Which we the fans of yudkbh strongly feel is not... Why is there a sudden change to web series and English or Korean dramas.. Its not just because of the emergence of technology and accessibility but the clear fact that ITV FAILS TO DELIVER GOOD AND REFRESHING CONTENT.
Its a kind request to not allow the ITV's quality to reduce more....
We want justice to the new and fresh concepts that get no place and are pushed away beacuse of the over dramatic contents on TV...