Soul reaver 3 and/or Soul Reaver remake

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Soul Reaver was and would be an epic production that was published in 1999, it was a paradigm shifter for platform gaming back then by introducing the open world approach on a technologically limited console.

Not only it was a well crafted gameplay experience, Soul Reaver was one of the first projects that dedicated som much investigation so that the art department would be able to come up with the world exposed in the game, as well as the extremely well-selected cast for voice acting that would deliver one of the most meaningful and expository scripts ever written, that would challenge the players senses and some philosophical beliefs.

Before Quantic dream, Crystal dynamics was able to make an extremely cinematic experience paired with an outstanding soundtrack that would resonate into every stage and context within the game.

In today's society where we are dealing with lots of social pressure and disloyalty, Raziel's story would inspire and empower today's public to "rise from the abyss".
this way, it would get not only to the public that already played the game but also to new public and continue the legacy.

we know that developing a game is pretty demanding, but if the fans and the time asks for it, it would be a success.

Please sign the petition, so that well crafted stories get to the public again!