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Release a remastered edition of MAG for PlayStation 4

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I started this petition against Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment to have MAG remastered for PlayStation 4 so that the MAG community and the new generation of gamers can witness the amazing gaming experience from this classic. Since its intial release on January 26, 2010 MAG has gained a special fan base. Up to date, MAG has sold 1.3 million copies! It can be compared to other great games such as Borderlands 1&2, The Bad Company series as well as the Crysis games. But something separated MAG from all these games. If it were like any other game us MAG fans would have just found the most similar game to MAG and play that. But what made MAG was not just its simple yet advanced, chaotic, action packed multiplayer experience, it was also the amazing and loyal community which kept MAG flourishing for its first 3-4 years. MAG which also happens to be a PlayStation exclusive, attained a spot on's comprehensive list for the 50 best shooters of all time. M.A.G. placed 48 on the list, but still recieved the title as, 'One of the Best Shooters of All Time'. MAG was also one of the first games to include a large amount of people(256) in a single match, which was unheard of in 2010. But, somehow MAG managed to carry 256 people in a single action packed match, smoothly. Games with as much potential as MAG are rare and it would be a disappointing and regrettable decision to leave the potential that MAG has untapped.

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