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We CRAVE A PS4 COLLECTION with The Trilogy, Daxter & Jak X!

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Dear Sony PlayStation You have announced that the trilogy and Jak X is coming to PS4. BUT only as PS2 classics and only digital. The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy will obviously be digital and physical. It’s only fair that Jak and Daxter gets the respect they deserve. No Daxter in the PS2 classics and no Jak X online! We want it! We need it! We crave it! WE DEMAND IT! FULLY REMASTERED FROM THE GROUND UP in 1080p/4K, 60fps, and obviously trophies for all five games! On Jak 3's 10th Anniversary we got nothing! REMASTER ALL of them from the ground up for PS4! But keep the games the very same. When the game is auto saving why not have a golden precursor orb flashing? We need to celebrate the dynamic duo!

Call me crazy but I would actually pay $500 for this collection and others and a lot of friends have said the very same thing, believe it or not. I know you won't disappoint your fans. We believe in you and that is the reason we became a part of the PlayStation family. By the way, many missed out the PS3 version with the trilogy only. The trilogy got new graphical/sound glitches and was ONLY in 720p and The DayStar (Green one) was messed up! You have now
Many Microsoft Xbox users changed to Sony PlayStation when the PS4 was released, many want to play the trilogy, Daxter & Jak X! I've spoken to a lot of them. We are waiting for this SWEET 5 game PS4 Collection! The trilogy for PS3 sold almost one million copies, with more or less no marketing or commercials. And let’s not forget that the PS3 collection with the first three games (No Daxter or Jak X sadly) sold better than The Last of Us for over TWO MONTHS. There are TONS of NEW fans because of the trilogy only. PSP game Daxter is too good to be a PSP game only and great prequel to Jak II, it also shows that Daxter can take care of himself, he rescued Jak by himself! Many fans never got the chance to play Daxter because for some strange reason, it never got a PS2 version. Daxter was one of PSP’s TOP 10 titles! Jak X’s story is GREAT, twists you wouldn’t believe and just as Jak 3, it ends on an even bigger cliffhanger! Then we have online, death matches and all sorts of fun! This collection MUST BE MADE! And BLUEPOINT GAMES should handle it. I WOULD BUY A PS4 ONLY for the collection! It would be a dream come true for all the millions of old and new fans alike to play all five of these golden gems! So MAKE IT HAPPEN! Uncharted got a PS4 collection, Golden Abyss was supposed to be included but for some reason it wasn't. The Last of Us got a PS4 version. Both franchises were PS3 franchises it is only fair that Jak and Daxter gets the love and respect and the same treatment. Crash Bandicoot is coming back and getting a PS4 version as well! Jak and Daxter got won so many awards. They simply must also have a perfect collection on PS4 = No glitches whatsoever! You can buy Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper & Ratchet & Clank costumes for Halloween but you can’t buy Jak and Daxter costumes?! We need to be able to buy Halloween costumes, plushies, stickers, posters, toys and all that too! We want to buy Jak and Daxter merchandise! SONY, BRING BACK JAK! You stated yourselves. Sony PlayStation - If there is a demand
Sony PlayStation – We will never retire Infamous or, any other IP
Sony PlayStation - Greatness Awaits - Make us fans believe that, make it mean something greater than greatness, make us proud to be part of the PlayStation family, make the legend of the great Sony PlayStation huge and real again!//Your fans

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