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Please update Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS7/8, or unlock bootloader and release source code.

Lots of people have these devices, with the premise that the entertainment will be unificated, however, this is not so. It was sold with many key features, which are not mentioned could not be used outside from the United States . I live at Mexico, and it's really frustrating to have bought it without even beyond to use functions that exist everywhere; Netflix (which has not been updated for many months ), with only a few providers of pay TV and a Android version that it came over a two years ago. 

I believe that many expect software update , the device can be used with more features, and above all , with the key functions mentioned to sell , worldwide.

There is a large community of developers, for example in XDA Developers. Surely more than one may help to have functional devices.

Therefore , I request to Sony: please update this internet player device or unlock bootloader and release the source code to allow to the developers community to do so.




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