Wrongly banned on psn account guinness61 and they wont look into it to correct the problem

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If you did not know. My account was banned the other week. I was playing FFX on my PS3 and my friend asked for a chat so instead of jumping out my game I decided to use my PSVita to chat with him. So I started-up my PSVita and it asked for a update. So I did the update and then I went to go in the chatroom, but then it asked me to sign-in again. I thought this is strange. So I signed in then a message came up saying I was banned! I thought that's odd!! because I was still signed-in on my PS3 account fine ? It was after midnight when this happened so I thought I cant phone Sony. So I saved my game on FFX on my PS3. And I manually signed-out on my PS3. Then I tried to sign-in again on my PS3, which then that message came back up again.

So I phoned Sony the next day at 8am and they said they will send it off to head office. I then thought sod it I'll phone them again(1pm) and see what is happening. They said your account is permit banned and I cant do anything about it. He said your account had been on a playstation with dodge firmware. On his computer it said " Validation of terms of service. permit ban. DO NOT unban under any circumstances". So I said cant I send you my PS3, PS4 and PSVita to prove I have no bad firmware ? He said no there is nothing we can do.

So I spoke to my friend on Facebook (Alan). He said let me speak to them so he spoke to them and a few hours later, he told me that they are looking into the matter and that it was the firmware you down loaded from them that caused my account to get banned.

So I phoned them Monday (31st March) and they said they have only just sent it to head office today. Alan then message me on the same day saying Playstation had contact him and for me to take out my memory card out my PSVita and do the update, then put it back in and see if that helped. So I did that, but my account was still banned.

So since then I have phoned them everyday. Every time I phone them I get different answers.

It is now the 3rd April, I have phoned Sony like usually, but this time they said they have got a message from a Matthew from head office. The message is my account is still banned. For using cheat codes or dodge software or doing things to a game. They could not tell me which one. So now instead of it being a firmware problem, I now have three things it could be. The person I was speaking to, (James) said there is nothing else I can do. I said it sound like some one has got into my account with a PS3 with dodge firmware without me knowing. And because I have not reported it Sony has thought its me and banned me. I asked him is there anything I can do ? and he said No there is nothing you can do I would not even bother writing to head office about it because they wont answer you. I could not believe it!! I have waiting nearly a week to be back where I was.

I have had that account since April 2007 and I have over 11k trophies with over 150 friends. I have had to start another account up, because I have a PS4 I have had to get PS+ again. The reason I did this because I am a gamer I have had a PS1, PS2 and now I have a PS3, PS4 and PSVita. And I have started up a group and page over the years on facebook because of my passion for Playstation. My group has nearly 10,000 members and my page is nearly 2,000. I have poured my heart and soul into the Playstation, and now I feel like I have just been kicked into a corner by Sony, who I have been a fan of for most of my gaming life.

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