BRING BACK Spider-Man to the MCU

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Most of you heard the news today that Sony ends their Spider-Man deal with Marvel Studios meaning Spider-Man will no longer involve Marvel Studios and their president, Kevin Fiege in any future films, though director Jon Watts and Tom Holland have already agreed to two future Spider-Man films, we don’t know the certainty of what will happen to the canon of the MCU. Twitter exploded with rage as fans of Marvel and the character have scorched Sony with remarks and comments to bring the character back to the MCU or have Disney buy out the company. This petition is to help gain recognition and attention to both Marvel, Disney, and Sony to work out a deal or anything that will keep Spider-Man in the MCU since Far From Home did establish that Spider-Man will carry Phase 4. In other words, IF YOU WANT TO RAISE THE ATTENTION TO DISNEY, MARVEL AND SONY TO KEEP SPIDER-MAN IN THE MCU OR TO HAVE SPIDER-MAN BOUGHT BACK SIGN THIS PETITION AND USE THIS HASHTAG #BRINGSPIDERMANHOME