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Release 'Evil Dead' in New Zealand theaters earlier than August 22nd!!

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I have set up this petition page after recent word on the New Zealand release date for 'Evil Dead'. Set for release on April 5th in the US, we were rumored on having a nationwide release here on May 9th. Although this is another one of the countries many delays (that's another story), one whole month isn't such a terrible thing. Recent word from Sony Pictures NZ however, who are set to release the film nationwide, stats that Evil Dead is now slotted in for an August 22nd release, which means we are the very last country in the world to receive this film. This is completely unacceptable and actually rather insulting.

THE REASON FOR THIS PETITION, in large part, is to do with the insult. Although the film carries an American cast, American producers and a fresh-faced, Uruguayan director, the film was shot here in New Zealand on the west coast of Auckland and guaranteed jobs for our great film crews, (the films even shot by New Zealand's own Aaron Morton) who no doubt put a lot of hard work into making the film. This was a great opportunity as film work can be scarce in New Zealand. Now that Evil Dead is seeing an even further delay then originally rumored, this comes off as a complete insult to those film crews who want to see the film in theaters around the same time as the rest of world and watch their hard work unfold on screen. Not to mention that the film helped put millions, if not billions alongside other international and local productions into our industry last year.

We deserve to have Evil Dead slotted into an earlier release date than August 22nd. Not only for the fans, but to show respect to the hard workers on this film from New Zealand and our industry.

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