Bring Back Animax channel on Indian Television

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All I want to say is that Animax is like a home for the viewers who are interested in Anime & Japan's culture that also includes myself. So, I'm creating this petition to resist the decision that Sony Pictures Networks India has taken to remove Animax entirely from Indian Television.

First, I want to mention that Animax is the one & only channel in Indian Television that broadcasts Anime. I understand the fact that there might not be a huge fanbase of the Anime culture in India. But, even so the existing-fanbase really loves the channel and the shows that it broadcasts. Over the past few years there has been an increase in the Anime & Japanese culture fanbase. Even some of the news media like The Times of India and The Telegraph portrayed the topic 'Anime' in their articles - 

I would also like to add that Animax is not just a place for watching anime, as it also features Programmes like the Animax Musix through which I personally got to know many J-Pop artist and I'm sure there are many peoples out there like me. This ultimately helps artist to reach peoples/fans like me & others who like J-Pop in a far-way country(such as India).

At last, I want to say that I solely support SPN India's decision to bring Sony Yay! to get in the competition with other Kids channel on Indian Television. But, I also think that replacing the channel with Animax was not a great idea as both the genre of shows and the target audience is very different from each other. I want to suggest that please bring back Animax and launch Sony Yay! as a different channel. That's how Animax wouldn't have to be sacrificed from its viewers in order to bring Sony Yay!. #BringBackAnimaxIndia