Bring Back Vaibhav Thakkar for Spider-Man's Hindi Dubbing Voice

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It is announced that Tiger Shroff will be providing his voice for SpiderMan in Hindi Dubbed Version of SpiderMan Homecoming. I am not a Hater of him and maybe his voice will be great, but the problem is, this new trend of using Bollywood actors for dubbing Hindi Version of Hollywood Movies, is not good for all the fans of movies, who watch them in Hindi, becuase dubbing is very different from normal acting, and requires practice and experience and these actors are not professional in dubbing, which makes the Hindi version, a big mess. 

Vaibhav Thakkar, a popular and fabulous dubbing artist, providing his voice for SpiderMan in Last year's Captain America Civil War and all the three trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming, which is been loved by all Marvel Fans of India. Maybe be Tiger's Voice for the character will be good, but we all know, Vaibhav Thakkar's voice is most suited for the role, becuase his voice is similar to Tom Holland's voice ( actor who portrays SpiderMan ) and sounds perfect for a young Spider-Man.

The real reason why I not want him for SpiderMan's voice, is not because I don't like him as a actor OR hate him just because he is a actor, because he is a son of a Bollywood star, OR his voice is not suited for the character. The Real Reasons are :-

1) He is not a professional in dubbing, and that makes Hindi version worse.

2) He may not return for future movies' dubbing, and that breaks the continuity in dubbed version of movie.

3) If they want him, they should give him a dubbing duty for a new role and should not replace him for someone, who is best at his work.

4) A popular misconception is that including a popular Bollywood star in the movie, will increase the box-office profits, but that is wrong. For Example, Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) and Captain America Civil War (2016), both release on same time of the year and both have almost same star-cast, but still Box-office collection in India of Civil War is less than Avengers 2, regarding the fact that Varun Dhawan has provided the voice for Captain America in Civil War. 

So, I need all of you to Sign this petition. Maybe it's too late to bring back Vaibhav Thakkar's voice, but still we can tell them and give them a message that this is wrong and not liked by genuine fans, and we can save hind version of movies like Thor Ragnarok and Avengers Infinity War.

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