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In 2015, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios reach a deal to share Spider-Man character to the multibillion franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning with a cameo in Captain America: Civil War, and culminating in the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, released in 2017, his sequel, Spider-Man: Away from Home, grossed over $ 1.4 billion at the box office, so hoping that the agreement between the two companies may be extended.

however, on August 20, 2019, the deal between Sony pictures and Marvel Studios ended, so future web-headed solo films would no longer be produced by Marvel Studios,
On behalf of all of us, fans of spidey, we want future films with actor Tom Holland to be produced by Marvel Studios, so we can see Spidey interacting with Captain Marvel, Thor, Doctor Strange, among others.

The winners of this deal are us Spider-Man fans who can watch quality Spidey movies, and both companies can profit from the success of their films.


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