Peter Rabbit Movie - Please Educate Your Fans Not To Buy Rabbits at Easter

Peter Rabbit Movie - Please Educate Your Fans Not To Buy Rabbits at Easter

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Linda Sue started this petition to Sony Pictures Entertainment and

While we truly adore the Tales of Peter Rabbit and look forward to seeing the new movie, releasing this movie just before Easter is causing concern in the Rabbit Community because it is going to create a demand to purchase rabbits at Easter for small children. 

We are thankful and understand the "Peter Rabbit Movie supports responsible pet adoption and rescue" and is working with a CA Rabbit Rescue during the movie premiere. Thank you for this commitment!

We the petitioners respectfully ask Sony Pictures to make a statement in the beginning of the movie for theater and home viewers that would help bring awareness to the widespread issue of impulse buying rabbits for children at Easter, which results in thousands of unwanted, dumped domestic rabbits and their extreme suffering and death.

Please do right by Bunnies, Rabbits as well as the Rabbit Rescues everywhere by contacting and working with the House Rabbit Society to write a special message to your movie supporters.

Sadly, Rabbit Rescues are over run with discarded impulse acquisitions of a living fragile beings, they are dumped at kill shelters and in the wild where they cannot survive.  Rabbits are a 10 year commitment and are not cute toys for children, they are prey animals that need a special diet and care.  Rabbits frighten easily, have fragile bones and when dropped, result in severe injuries and broken backs. Rabbits are sentient living beings and deserve respect.

Peter Rabbit The Movie  Website
Peter Rabbit / Sony Pictures - Twitter

The Reality of Unwanted Domestic Rabbits, after the novelty wears off.

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue
- Dumped domestic rabbit being treated for a maggot infestation.

Tribbles Rabbit Rescue 
- Paralyzed rabbit starved and dumped.
- Dumped rabbit with severe leg injury, she did not make it through surgery.
- Rabbit found dumped in a cage on the side of the road with its front leg ripped off by a predator.  This photo is after surgery, the before photos show exposed tendons and bones.
- Overgrown toenails and teeth

Marley's Carrot Patch Rabbit Rescue
Neglected rabbits rescued from back yard hutch with serious eye issues

East Coast Rabbit Rescue
Neglected rabbit found outside with serious eye issue.

CA Lilly's Legacy Special Needs Bunny Sanctuary
Dedicated to saving abused and sick rabbits at the kill shelters.

Silvan's Rabbit Rescue
Marvin - dumped in the wild with severe mange and eye infections to fend for himself.

Feral - Unwanted, Dumped Domestic Rabbits

Georgia House Rabbit Society
Catching dumped domestic rabbits that have no chance to survive in the wild, they breed, suffer from disease, flea, tick and maggot infestations, starve, endure predator attacks by both wild and humans.  The rabbits suffer and die while the cycle continues and if they become too many, humans deem them a nuisance and they are murdered. 

Bunnies Matter in Vegas Too
Trying to feed, rescue and care for an out of control dumped domestic rabbit situation.

Does Anyone Care?
The owner of this property allegedly will not let anyone rescue the rabbits while they starve, suffer and freeze.  The authorities do have not intervened. 

Sadly, these stories are only a small portion of the reality and fate of unwanted helpless domestic rabbits, and how they suffer at the hands of irresponsible animal owners.   

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!