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'Supernova' is the debut solo album of the legendary Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the late member of the Diamond Selling Girl Group, TLC. TLC is listed as the Greatest Selling Girl Group of All Time in the United States of America for over 25 years, second to The Spice Girls when it comes to being The Best Selling Girl Group Worldwide. For 20 years, they have the Highest Selling Tour by a Girl Group Worldwide. Being in TLC, Left Eye became the first Female MC to get a #1 (4 of them too) and the first Female MC to have a diamond selling album. TLC's success came from the creative contributions of the people around them, and the members of TLC: T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli, For years, Left Eye specifically had fought for people to see her more as a business woman, and a creative superstar either in her own group, or in her solo career. With every chance she's gotten to be more creative, something always stepped in the way of blocking the success of her work.

After TLC's third album 'FanMail', 'Supernova' came out August 16th, 2001. The lyrical range of this holistic Hip-Hop album gravitates towards surviving abuse ("Life is Like a Park"), religion & spirituality ("The Universal Quest"), the media ("I Believe in Me") old school story telling songs ("True Confessions"), and more! Left Eye's motive was still the same as it was with TLC: "We don't make hits. We make ANTHEMS." TLC always made music that people can relate to, learn from, and jam with. Left Eye's motives was to do the same, more on a spiritual level, creating a new lane in music for herself, helping her stand out more next to her fellow female MCs as the inviting yet sassy spiritual MC. The album's influence came from her TLC roots, her spiritual retreats in Usha Village, and worldly, cultural sounds she was exposed to over the years. Lisa was able to construct this album with the help of mainstream & underground artists through features (2Pac, Carl Thomas, Blaque, Jazzy Pha, Esthero, Tangi Forman) and producers (Salaam Remi, Mark Pitts, Andre Rison, Rockwilder, Karl Heilbron). However, it did not get the proper release an album typically receives.

Arista Records not feeling confident about Left Eye's material. They kept forcing her to go back to record new music for the album even though she was satisfied with the outcome (breaking contract). She had even found ways to promote the album that would help make it sell even more. The album was streamed online on August 16th (back when streams didn't count as much). The physical copies were supposed to come out August 14th, however, was pushed back to September, then October 16th. By then, the album had already been released to areas overseas (Europe was loving the album). Arista Records didn't like the mixed responses fans were getting compared to TLC's work. Even though fans still wanted to buy copies of the album and support Lisa as a solo artist (Left Eye even pitched a European Tour, willing to pay for merchandise (already having a team, graphic designing work herself), and pay for promo out her own pocket), being apart of a high selling girl group with a massive fan base didn't stop Arista Records from taking a blow at the album by cancelling it's US release, putting an ax to the era, telling her to now focus on TLC's 4th album, '3D', without paying her her back end money from the album. The music video release date for "The Block Party" was delayed until late Fall.

Lisa was happy to work with the girls again, but she did not feel she got the justice she deserved as a solo artist. After she died, the album seen a release in the US, but only for a small period before being removed from the shelves. To this day, just like with Aaliyah's last 2 albums ('One in a Million', 'Aaliyah'), the only way to get a copy of the album is through used copies on Amazon, or Ebay. You can hear the album on YouTube, but none of the numbers are counting in Left Eye's favor as the album isn't even available on iTunes nor on music streaming platforms. When asking her sister, Reigndrop Lopes, about it's release, she stated The Lopes Family owns the masters to the songs, but the album was released under Arista Records, and since Arista Records is no longer, Sony has ownership over that entire album. Reigndrop said they talked to Sony about releasing the album, but nothing has happened yet. This is a way of showing that the fans still want the album out. I have confidence that this album can come out again by acknowledging the album more, showing we care more then just talking about it! Please sign the petition, and hopefully Sony sees this, take this into consideration, and release the album to iTunes and all music streaming platforms for us fans, and Lisa's legacy as Lisa stated this as her most personal project ever before she died!

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