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Michael Jackson's Dangerous 25th Anniversary Album

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"To give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world." - Michael Jackson 

"Dangerous" released November 26, 1991. Michael Jackson's album "Dangerous" is currently the 18th best selling album of all time. His album has been a very, very successful album. The "Dangerous" album has even sold more albums than "Bad". 

On November 26, 2016, it marked MJ's Dangerous album 25th year. However, Dangerous didn't get a 25th-anniversary edition album like Thriller and Bad. That's just bogus, honestly. Dangerous is one of the most loved Michael Jackson albums but it doesn't get the proper respect like Thriller and Bad. 

My request to Sony Music and the Michael Jackson Estate: Release a 25th-anniversary special album of "Dangerous". You may be very late but it's better to be late than never. It doesn't matter if you make a HIStory 25th album or Invincible 25th album (even though I'd want that), Dangerous is way more important and special! 

A quote from Michael Jackson himself has been stated at the top. If Sony Music and the Michael Jackson Estate really cared for all the MJ fans, it's better to release a 25th-anniversary edition of Dangerous than to just make it an "online celebration." Does it really matter if you don't make a lot of money? This is Michael Jackson we're talking about. He's one of the bests, even when he's dead. His music is unforgettable. 

Personally, MJ's Dangerous album is my most favorite album of all time. Having a 25th special would make it so much better. I want Dangerous 25 and I'm sure many other people want Dangerous 25 too. I've seen numerous comments asking "where's Dangerous 25?" or "give us Dangerous 25" or "we want Dangerous 25!" Observe:

And all those Twitter replies were all made from one tweet @michaeljackson from Twitter made about a True or False question about "Billie Jean".

We want #Dangerous25. So give us it. It may benefit you (Sony Music & MJJ Estate) too with more money. If you release good Michael Jackson content, you're gonna get a good amount of money. I'm tellin' ya. 

Here's a wishlist or suggestions you should put in Dangerous 25:

  • All 14 original "Dangerous" tracks fully remastered to today's technology (no changes to the tracks/content whatsoever)
  • Unreleased songs/content in HQ
  • Instrumentals of "Dangerous" tracks
  • Live Concert Versions of Dangerous tracks - Jam, Remember the Time, Will You Be There, Black or White, Heal the World, Dangerous (UNABRIDGED IN HQ)
  • Dangerous tracks' demos
  • Dangerous Live Concerts Footage in HD (not Bucharest, but preferably, Tokyo, Norway, etc.)
  • Dangerous Music Videos HD - Black or White (full version), Who Is It, In the Closet, Jam, Remember the Time, Heal the World, etc. 

If you do approve of making a "Dangerous 25th Anniversary Edition", make sure this 25 album is the biggest anniversary album ever. This is your consequence for being very late instead of releasing it on the actual anniversary day. 

Michael Jackson is one of the best musical artists of all time. Praise the KING OF POP!

Release #Dangerous25 Sony Music & Michael Jackson Estate. Please. For the fans. What would Michael do?


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