fix the camera software sony

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hi sony

i have been saying and saying that sony camera software is bad its so poor that it cannot beat Chinese brands who uses sony sensors the main problem is the software in z z1 z1c and z2 the hardware is top notch 


see superior auto is not that intelligent when taking in low light or indoor light it increases the iso and exposure so high the pictures are noisy and grainy plus it has so much poor processing behind it 

and in manual mode when setting the iso less 100 the noise is less but because of poor processing the images dont have details in it 


so needs to fix this issue  because in every new update is a bad experience with the camera when i bought the phone z1 daylight pictures were good now i am on 4.4.4 i have repaired showed it to service center they repaired the software with their trick but the camera experience more poor on 4.4.4 i see no improvements in any updates 


also you might want to see this z2 cannot beat lg g3 and oppo find 7 because z2 is the second best in hardware in this comparison but lg g3 and oppo find 7 has better software they beat z2

update:2 now one plus one is better than sony see theirs new camera update how amezing the 13 mp camera is now because of good software provided by cm mod team

 update 3 : this is the latest xperia z3 compact failed to beat 8mpand 13 mp


fixing the software algorithms and becoming the camera kings will gain peoples trust owners of z z1 z2 z3 will think they have the best camera phone after the fix but for now its disappointing 

  the reviewers betekt who loves sony phones are shocked with this results


if sony fixes this issue removing the poor processing and making the camera software good they could be kings of camera phones so please sony provide us with a good software for camera



another proof sony is failing this is just a blind test and camera comparision


you can see sony is clearly loosing in camera comparison vs other phones is almost in the last and having bigger lens and bigger sensor yet lost 

this is another phone using sony sensor 20.7 mp yet loosing here is the link

now in android lollipop sony has a chance to redeem themself to become camera kings because lollipop has raw support super fine jpeg and noise control plus sony has to utilize full bionz support this all make sony camera software awesome 




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