Make Spider-Man Stay in the MCU

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On August 20, Sony shut down the deal to have Spider-Man in the MCU. So now, one of the best characters ever is leaving the MCU (Among the others already lost) and Tom Holland was the perfect actor for the role! Spider-Man was one of my favourite characters in the whole multiverse of movies, and he had so much potential. Tom Holland's Spider-Man was one of the only things that kept me from ending it all; he has meant so much to me. Everything Tony Stark did in Endgame was for Peter; the whole Stark arc is now meaningless. Peter Parker has already gone through so much hurt and you are going to end him like this!!!!!! We all have seen Sony's track record with Spider-Man, this is not going to end well!  This is not over, we need to speak up. The fans will not sit quietly. To the people at Sony, if you read this. It wasn’t your brilliance that made Homecoming and Far From Home a success it was Marvel’s.

PS - All in favour of Storming Sony headquarters instead of Area 51?

PPS - Let's ask North Korea to hack Sony and spill their dirty secrets to the public.