Make Sony unlock DLC / online only content in Driveclub for everyone to use

Make Sony unlock DLC / online only content in Driveclub for everyone to use

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Started by Bálint Róth

Driveclub had a rocky start but despite its less than glorious debut it overcame every obstacle in the way of greatness and became what should be remembered as one of the finest arcade racers of recent times. As such its preservation for future gaming generations' appreciation and enjoyment is our solemn duty. In addition to the free upgrades that implemented a dinamic weather system, replay functionality and a photo mode the developers continued to support the game via paid and free DLC add-ons as well which - in contrast with the former - are sadly no longer available. Among them are motorbikes which almost stand on their own as a separate entity but since they were never released on disc there's no way to get them anymore.

We understand that Driveclub can no longer be sold and that there are complex legal procedures involved. We also understand that supporting a decommissioned product is not simply illogical, it's completely unfeasible therefore we're not even asking for the online functions to be resumed (as sad as that may be). However there are many present owners (and thanks to the existence of retail versions, even future ones) who never got the chance to experience every bit of content this great game has to offer and they never will unless those with the power to change things step in to save these from oblivion.

What we'd like to achieve is simple: since these contents are supposedly present in the game files already (for compatibility purposes with those who own them - made redundant by the discontinuation of online services) they should be unlocked with one final update for everyone to use. That shouldn't pose a problem with any authorities since it's not about selling them again, it's just for keeping them available. Those vehicles which required players to connect to the now non-existent game servers should also get the same treatment as there are few things as sad as content which is present yet still unavailable.

It's perfectly clear to us that with this move SIE would effectively win nothing apart from the eternal gratitude of racing enthusiasts all around the world but we also strongly believe in that it is the right way of preserving their legacy and repaying the loyalty of their fanbase. Above all it should cost them next to nothing compared to how great of a service this would be for Driveclub's present and future community.

Support the preservation of values in a digital future, save the heritage of Driveclub!

90 have signed. Let’s get to 100!