Please include the Philippines on Sony Interactive Entertainment PSN country/region list

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Filipino gaming community is vast. One of the growing gaming community is the PlayStation gaming community. Sony has a growing market for its gaming platform, PlayStation 4 here in the Philippines.

PlayStation users here in the Philippines are using different country/region for their PSN accounts. Some uses Region 1 (US), but mostly uses Region 3 (HK/SG) for their PSN accounts. Many of us PS gamers here in PH are having trouble buying DLC's from third party stores, some are buying codes/credits (R1 and R3) overseas.

Also, PS gamers here in the Philippines has no identity as a Filipino. We are using different territory/country for our PSN.

Please include our country on the PSN/SEN country list under Region 3 territory, to the fact that we're a South East Asian Nation. It would be more easier and convenient for us Filipino PS gamers to buy PSN credits and subscription with the use of our local credit/debit cards. For us to have our identity on the gaming community/arena as a Filipino from the Philippines, again, we're asking Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia to please include our country on PSN. 

Please also consider transferring our PSN account to PSN PH if this would be implemented. Thank you!