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For far long I've been hating on Raftaar and now I plan to build a career around it. This is getting bigger than the usual stupidity he brings through his discography? now he has managed to successfully assemble a crew of 10 {special} people that he thinks are all underground.  Hip-Hop itself is a culture but now we got Mr Teri Didi Meri Bandi talking about how Bollywood is the culture and instead of hating him for making tracks that give your ears an STD everyone should respect Bollywood as the culture. 

Now by the end of the first para, you all obviously would have formed an opinion that I'm a Raftaar hater and I am I fucking hate this motherfucker bro like for real Its got legit nothing to do with his shit music I just hate this fucker. 

Raftaar who is 29 now entered into the world of entertainment as a B-Boy who got thru some two-bit fixed dance show that no one gives a fuck about today. His journey is inspiring to some but depressing and stupid to me. His crew or group Mafia Mundeer Or Punjabi Fukbois rose to fame just because of Honey Singh who bought his way in the industry like everyone from the group did later on. He ghostwrote of some fucks who later on checked into rehab because why the fuck not. Strictly off speed which is not new and a subtle diss towards his old crew member Honey Singh this fuck was blasted by MTV INDIA via Manj Musik and went viral. Raftaar is the most marketed person in the industry or whatever the fuck you call it. Everything this dude does and even slightly whispers Hip-Hop is because a brand paid him money to do it, for example, vivid breezer who gives a shit. Every little gig this fuck did had couple entry free and stag entry costing 1000 and you all want me to keep quiet when uncles like him gonna talk about the shit I grew up with. 

I grew up very differently unlike this false idol, I've seen my dad pass the fuck away I've had a whole lotta personal and Hip-hop runnings with the cops plus a lotta family problems that turned violent very soon all this with a mental disease plaguing me. I teach them underprivileged kids Hip-Hop try to give them a way out and this dude comes outta nowhere and loosely delivers a message that we are copying black people with the struggles and the references we do with all the street shit now imagine telling me this to my friend's mom who got gunned down when I was in 10th because of something that popped off due to stupid gang motives. The fact this fuck had people see colour with his message proves that 29 is the new 10 because this shit ain't mature thinking fam. There is no black, white, brown or anything, Hip-Hop is universal we ain't copying them Americans, you are(if y'all want me to explain this statement pay Rs 200 when you see me) 

Thank You 

Raftaar please don't call goons on me cause everybody know somebody that knows somebody who would do anything for them less amount of mula