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Don't require PlayStationPlus for online multi-player on Playstation 4

When the decision came between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, many people chose the PS3 for its free online. However, now the PS4 is requiring pay-2-play for online multi-player, through PlayStationPlus subscriptions. Right now PlayStationPlus is an optional extra for PS3 and Vita that gives users games, demos, and early access to software - and it's great... as an option. Sony cites the need for pay-2-play for the new online features of PS4, such as sharing videos online, and streaming gameplay through Gaikai. But these features aren't the core experience of what the PS4 is. Games are.
What this petition suggests, is that Sony rethinks it's online practices for PS4. Make online multi-player free for users, but make video sharing and game streaming part of PlayStationPlus. In other words, keep PlayStationPlus an optional 'plus' for users.

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