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Add Multi-Factor Authentication to PSN

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Your track record with PSN security is problematic at best, and your customer service repeatedly punishes paying customers for choosing and using your service. Reports of consumer punishment following security breaches are reported almost daily, with no sign of improvement. 

For example, a recent (at time of posting) tale of customer service woe here:

This user, a paying customer, had his PSN account hacked and $600 worth of fradulent purchases made against his credit card. The two options given to him by Sony were:

1. Accept a refund of $150. Swallow a $450 loss.
2. Chase the charges with the bank, losing the PSN account and all previously purchased content in the process.

Additionally, as the fraudster deactivated the users PS4, he is unable to log into his account for six months due to Sony activation policy.

Other examples:

If Sony customer service is unable to provide the customer service a user would expect (another issue for another petition!) Sony should at least address the security problems causing these types of issues with the utmost urgency.

Above all else, multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be implemented as a priority. MFA is now an industry standard feature used by the majority of competitors in the marketplace, including Microsoft, Valve, Apple, Amazon, Google, Blizzard and so on. That it is not available for PSN, a service with a particularly poor track record for security, is unacceptable in 2015.

MFA could be implemented via codes sent to email, to text message, and/or to the Playstation App on mobile.

It should be communicated to all users plainly, with a strong recommendation to turn it on (and why).

If you would like to know more about MFA, please read this guide:

The PS4 has thus far been a phenomenal success. Over 20 million customers have placed their faith and trust in Sony to deliver a platform and a service worth their investment. Sony, please, now is the time to introduce industry-standard security.




EDIT - Sony have now been investigated by BBC's watchdog for precisely this issue. You can view the episode here:

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