Bring Infamous: Second Son to the Playstation Now service

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Bring Infamous: Second Son to the Playstation Now service, This game is a wonderful addition to a great series and deserves the same treatment as the others, the first two Infamous games have been put on the PS now streaming service and this one is nowhere to be found.

This game deserves to be made more accessible for those who cannot buy a console or only own a PS3 and aren't able to play this, video games are a form of art and deserve to be shared with the world and with those who will appreciate them.

Putting Second Son and it's DLC onto the Playstation Now streaming service would generate more buzz for the series, which ultimately seems as if it's over, but a series is never over if it lives on in the hearts of all those who enjoy it, it would open up a lot more fans and maybe even gain and interest for a continuation of this fantastic series.

Stories like this are important, especially because the main character is a Native and there is not a lot of representation of Native Americans in gaming culture, It's important to so many people to be able to see themselves and relate to the characters they play, but it's even more so for the people who are never represented in media.

This is why I urge you to please bring Second Son to PS Now, So many people would be grateful to be able to play this game on this service.  It would be a wonderful addition to an already great library of Playstation Exclusive titles that PS Now already includes and it would promote a great story with a protagonist that strives to do the right thing in a corrupted world. 

Delsin is a just an ordinary kid who struggles to do the right thing and fight against the injustice of the D.U.P and against hate for Conduits, It's an important message that needs to be spread far and wide because there are always going to be people like Delsin who are hated for being different, but there is always a chance to change things around for the good, this game and it's story show that anyone can be a hero if you have enough nerve to do it.    It shows the importance of family relationships and paints a realistic picture of how far someone will go to fight injustice in the world and that even if things feel hopeless, you can endure the trials of life and come out at the other side of things.



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