Bring Bust a Groove back! Dance Dance Revolution/Just Dance Style!

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Bust a Groove is a rhythm game with a mix of fighting - dance fighting! Created by Square Enix.

Ever since Bust a Groove 1 and 2, the last game Dance Summit 2001 never went international and stayed in Japan, causing the game to cancel.

If Bust a Groove came back, we would have it not only playable with controllers, but also to have it upgraded as like Dance Dance Revolution with the mat and Just Dance with the camera. The music was also incredible with every character with its own dance style. Including the character's ability to use a "Jammer" to catch their opponent off guard, losing their rhythm.

There are so many dance styles all over the world that this game can explore. Not only J-Pop, but also K-Pop too! Hip-hop, African dance, gangster, disco, capoeira, belly dance, hula dance and Irish dance!

If anyone is interested in bringing a rhythm game like Bust a Groove back, please sign up!