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Save the Rare Cotati Chimeric Albino Redwood Tree

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This is an extremely rare Chimeric Albino Redwood Tree. There are only ten of these rare redwood mutations known in existence. What is chimera? It's a tree with two different sets of DNA where both the white mutation and the normal green portions of the tree grow together as one, similar to that of a candy cane. This particular tree is the tallest chimeric redwood in the world standing at 52'. It is also the largest. Just discovered this year are developing male and female chimeric cones which is the 1st observance ever. Seeds could be collected for further understanding of redwood physiology.


Why is it important to save this tree? By understanding redwood mutations we may be able to unlock the causes of problems in the coastal redwood forests. Climate change is real and this tree is could be an indicator of things to come. Already the Stapleton/Moore team has found 230 (non-chimeric) albino redwoods. If Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) cuts the tree down to make way for the new rail line this genetic treasure of a tree would be lost to science forever. The tree also loved by neighbors and residence of Cotati and would all be but a memory.


SMARTS plan on taking 1000 cuttings and propagating the tree would end in failure. Mr. Stapleton has already proven with his research that this tree propagates very poorly. Cuttings do not show the same health & growth characteristics as the parent tree. Taking cuttings and chopping the tree down would be the equivalent of stripping a car down into 1000 parts. Once the tree is gone they could never grow or reassemble the tree again as it was meant to be.


By signing this petition you are telling SMART that you support the Stapleton/Moore  plan on having SMART relocate the tree to Cotati City land. Experts and various other scientists agree if done correctly this tree stands a huge chance in surviving the relocation process. Unfortunately other ideas which include relocating the tracks will not work due to the trees tight location. The new Cotati Train Station has already been built so a track re-route is not feasible. Also the tree is situated between two buildings so leaving it in place would eventually kill it. The only chance for survival is relocation. The City of Cotati has already agreed to take the tree, provide loving care, and protect it for generations to come.


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