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Sonoma County Supervisors and Sonoma County Dept. of Health: Implement the No Kill Equation for Sonoma County Animal Care and Control

No longer will we accept this misappropriation of our tax dollars to needlessly kill companion animals when proven, and more cost-effective, lifesaving alternatives can and will work. We need a compassionate new director at SCACC. The opportunity for change is ripe, and No Kill Sonoma County is calling on the community to support this mission. SCACC is proving to be in a state of total failure. Our Shelter Animals are suffering and being killed on our tax dollars because of our County's terrible choices.

A collaboration of animal welfare advocates, no kill front-runners, and compassionate taxpaying citizens, No Kill Sonoma County is working towards one common goal: To ensure that SCACC aggressively and comprehensively implements the programs and services of the best performing open-admission shelters in the country — otherwise known as the No Kill Equation (NKE). They are as follows:

I. Feral Cat TNR Program

II. High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

III. Rescue Groups

IV. Foster Care

V. Comprehensive Adoption Programs

VI. Pet Retention

VII. Medical and Behavior Rehabilitation

VIII. Public Relations/Community Involvement

IX. Volunteers

X. Proactive Redemptions

XI. A Compassionate Director


This petition was delivered to:
  • Supervisor, 1st District
    Susan Gorin
  • Supervisor, 3rd District
    Shirley Zane
  • Supervisor, 4th District
    Mike McGuire
  • Supervisor, 5th District
    Efren Carrillo
  • Director of Health Services
    Rita Scardaci
  • Supervisor, 2nd District
    David Rabbit

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