Plea for a cleaner and better Tezpur

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This petition is an initiative of a group of young people (named below) who live in Tezpur and love Tezpur. Tezpur is a beautiful city located on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. It has a unique historical background and is also considered as the cultural capital of Assam. But that’s not all. In 2016, Tezpur was declared India’s least polluted city by a WHO report.

Unfortunately, however, in the last few years things have changed. The town has become a dumping ground for garbage. The municipality corporation does not take responsibility to install dustbins at the wards and instead have constructed concrete bins that are not cleared regularly. The drainage system of the city is getting worse by the day and the road conditions are dilapidating. We are worried that at this rate, Tezpur which was once known for its scenic beauty is degrading, and so is the “clean city” name that it has held for so long.

A certain private organization called Radiant Skills and Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has entered into collaboration with the Municipality Corporation of Tezpur and has taken the responsibility of collecting door-to-door garbage from the different Municipal wards of Tezpur and recycle them at their industry which is located near Morabharali. However, the company has not been carrying out the activities it has been given and the garbage situation has gone from bad to worse. The recycling plant is also lying non-functional and the bank of the Morabharali has turned into permanent dumping ground. The Municipal Corporation also seems to have done little to monitor the work of this company. This not only harming the environment of Tezpur but is also fatal to the health of the citizens and the biodiversity of the town.

We request you to sign this petition and urge upon the District Administration to do the following

  • Closely monitor the work of the Municipal Corporation of Tezpur and Radiant Skills and Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and hold them accountable for the job they are committed to.
  • Ensure daily collection of garbage from households and commercial establishments and proper treatment of the same at the recycling plant. 
  • Instruct the Municipal Corporation of Tezpur to do away with the large concrete dustbins/ dumping grounds in the public places throughout the town and instead install trash bins wherever required.

We need your support so that we can approach the Deputy Commissioner of Tezpur and push them to take immediate action on the matter. Only your support can convince the administration that the people of Tezpur want change, and are ready to do their bit for a better Tezpur. Please sign this petition. It can help Tezpur retain its glory and set an example for other towns and cities to follow.

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Thanking you,

Arpana Choudhury
Puja Sarkar
Amlan Das
Rahul Pandey
Bharti Sharma
Niharika Hazarika

Youth For Change, Tezpur