Keep Amy Rose, despite the haters.

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My name is Louisa Coller.
I am a huge fan of SEGA's games and Amy Rose.
I am also refered to as "Amies-Roses" on
I will admit straight away, I am a huge fan of Amy Rose.
I've known Amy Rose most of my life... and well, I'm doing fine.
My love life is great, my school grades are perfectly fine.
I want to prove all of the world Amy Rose is a FICTIONAL character and is perfectly fine.

If people are concerned about Amy Rose, I think they should teach their children to like other shows if they disapprove of it. I mean, my parents never minded me liking Sonic The Hedgehog; I also think that Amy Rose is nothing compared to sexually explicit role-models through the music.

Either way, if Amy was removed from games, Amy supporters will stay.
I'm sorry haters but either way I'm going to like Amy.
I just want to state I do dislike some characters, but I never ask for them to be removed.

PS: I have a feeling the person starting the anti-petition was most likely someone who made a fan-character to date the shipping Amy is mostly involved with...

P.P.S: They mention the children, but Shadow has guns in the games...and they want Amy gone for a hammer?

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