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Sonic Drive-In: Don’t Sell Food Made from Tortured Animals!


Sonic allows its suppliers to treat chickens in horrific ways that Burger King and others have banned for being too cruel. Please sign this petition asking them to stop!

Our family lives in Tulsa, not far from Sonic’s Oklahoma City headquarters, so we’re very familiar with Sonic and the company’s message about “doing the right thing.” Well, Sonic, allowing your suppliers to shackle chickens upside down, dunk them in electrified water, and cut open their throats—often all while the birds are fully conscious—is doing the WRONG thing.

And it turns out Sonic actually agrees. In 2010, Sonic said it would “challenge its poultry suppliers to convert to an animal welfare-friendly” alternative system. But seven years later, nothing has changed: Even though Burger King, Jack in the Box, Subway, and dozens of other companies have committed to banning live-shackle slaughter, Sonic has not.

As the mom of a little girl who grew up with a turkey friend named Abner, it breaks my heart to think about millions of birds suffering for Sonic. The powers that be at Sonic can eliminate so much horrible cruelty just by making the same basic welfare commitments as their competitors. And if they truly care about doing the right thing, they will.

Thank you for speaking up for animals!

Debbie B
Volunteer, Mercy For Animals 

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    Clifford Hudson
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    Claudia San Pedro
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    John Budd
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    Eddie Saroch
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    Christi Woodworth
  • Sonic Drive-In
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    Tony Bartel
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    Lauren Hobart
  • Board of Directors
    Kathy Taylor
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    Jeffrey Schutz
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    J. Larry Nichols

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